The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship (SCCF) is an organization of independent churches located throughout the United States founded by Dr. Todd M. Hall, Sr.

SCCF extends spiritual covering, mentorship, leadership training, and provides a unified network for pastors, while supporting the autonomy of the local church. We recognize that it is the responsibility of pastors who are called into a lifetime of ministry, service, sacrifice, and leadership to strengthen one another in an effort to further the Kingdom.

Our cultural core values are accountability, balance, transparency, and relationship building. Praise is the heartbeat of our ministry and the foundation by which we stand on the word and promises of God.

Our motto is “One Fellowship, One Praise!”


Our mission is to provide Spiritual and Apostolic covering for pastors by fostering camaraderie and restoration. We create a safe unified environment to sharpen one another in reaching our maximum potential.


We seek to promote the ushering in of the Prophetic and Apostolic authority and power of God to be made evident in the church by bringing the worship of old back into the local assembly. The fellowship pastors will be equipped with ongoing bible and business based principals, personal development and balanced lifestyles. We endeavor to impact and influence our local communities and beyond to build Christ centered families and churches. The mustard seed is the smallest seed when it is planted, but it is the greatest tree when it is grown and so shall this fellowship become.